Crystal wax sculpts the details of every look without weighing it down, leaving no residue and non-greasy. Hair in shape, styled and shiny.

Size: 2.70 fl.oz.

• Styles
• Sculpts
• Water base
• Leaves no residue

Rub a small amount of product between your hands and apply on dry hair in the desired style.

• No Silicones
• No Mineral Oil
• No Paraben

• UVB Filters

• 100% coverage for white hair
• Lightens up to 3 tones mixed 1:1.5 with Dev Plus at 20 or 30 Volumes
• Lightening over 4 tones in the Superlightening series mixed 1:2 with Dev Plus at 40 Volumes

For professional use only. Follow the instructions in the instruction leaflet.

Dermatologically tested

• Hydrolyzed Silk
• Rice Protein
• Bisabolol